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At least there is a good reason why I haven't posted on here in a (l o o o ng) while. I've written the second in the Mackenzie Wilder/Classic Boat mystery series. SWEET CORN, FIELD, FOREVER is available in several ebook formats at or via my Purchase Page.   

Sweet Corn, Fields, Forever
ISBN 9781301337507        $3.99

When Jason Fields and Mackenzie Wilder discover the dead body of the man responsible for Jason no longer writing country music in a conference room of his Research and Design facility, they know they didn't have anything to do with it. But Jason's past involvement with this particular country music family lead authorities to think otherwise. It takes Mackenzie Wilder's faith in her friend and the staunch support of the dead man's sister to uncover "what Tyler did to get hisself killed." From upstate New York to Charlotte, North Carolina, from Las Vegas to Nashville, the deaths and confusion mount.

Could his sister Tory be at the center of it all? This may be one song she can't sing or write her way out of. It will take their combined resources to stop the killing, at a cost far higher than the diamonds on a country singer's costume.

Find out in this second book in the  Mackenzie Wilder/Classic Boat mystery series.

And the third book, Flying Purple People Seater will be coming in 2014.


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