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Top Ten Most Convenient Inventions (College Edition)

Today’s world revolves around a fast-paced environment built with not only ability, but convenience. For those of us who are not quite there yet, there’s college. The following are what I believe to be the top ten most convenient inventions for college students:

10. Social Networking Sites

It’s rare that a group of friends fresh out of high school ends up at the same university, if at one at all. That’s why social networking sites are the next best thing. There’s nothing like checking your MySpace and seeing that a friend back home left you a comment. Plus, you feel special when all those random people wish you a happy birthday.

9. Contraceptives

Sure, college is a time to test the waters and have a good time, but the last thing a college student wants is to go to college only to get back home with a special delivery—whether it’s a bundle of joy or a nasty discharge.

8. Dorm Accessories i.e. Mini-fridge, microwave

When I came to college, I never saw the importance of either of these accessories, but as I continued living in the dorms, I realized I needed somewhere to stash my leftover beer. Then I realized free food didn’t grow on the trees around campus. After that, I realized that the free food I stashed in my fridge wasn’t good when it was cold. See where I’m going with this?

7. Dollar Menus/Instant Food

Since the incorporation of the dollar menus, college students around the world have found their last resort after they’ve spent the last bits of money from their student account—that is, if they haven’t resorted to cup noodles and other instant foods. Sure, they’re nothing compared to home cooked meals, but this is about survival, not indulging.

6. Personal Banking i.e. debit and credit cards

It’s no surprise that this would be on my list—I have friends who survive solely on their credit cards or on the slow debit card system on weekends (using your zeroed out account via debit card on Saturday so it doesn’t reflect on your account until Monday, when you have money). College student and poor are almost synonymous, unless you’re George Bush. Actually, that would probably be synonymous with drunk.

5. Laptops

Why? Imagine having to travel hundreds of miles to get to your university with a desktop! Laptops are compact, easy to carry, and allow students to avoid the crowded awkwardness of the university labs. Also, it’s very common that students don’t have computer access when they go home, so the laptop saves many of us when we decide to visit for Thanksgiving a week before finals.

4. No-Doz

When you’ve been out partying all night after blowing off the fact that you have an 8:30AM class the next morning, nothing is more convenient than a tiny but powerful caffeine pill. From saving you from work to saving you from school, this little buddy will most definitely always be in the pocket of any savvy and fun-loving college student.

3. The Wireless Router

Without the wireless router, the “free wireless fad” that hit fast food chains wouldn’t be around, and without the fad, many college students around the U.S. would have had no internet access for those last-minute ten page reports due tomorrow (or sometimes today) at 8 or 9PM. Let’s also not forget those poor neighbors back home who didn’t put a password on their wi-fi. So on behalf of procrastination, I bid thee number three on my list!

2. Student Loans

They get you to school, and once you’re there, they allow you to splurge on something you need (or not). Sure, they put you in debt, but that’s why you’re in college! These babies allow us to live a little, even if it’s just one day of having over $1,000 in our account.

1. iPhone 3G + Apps

With GPS, Safari, phone capabilities, an iPod, and anything else you can add with its applications, this dandy little device is all you need to survive if you’re ever stranded in the desert on your way to El Paso. You can look up anything from restaurants, businesses, and gas stations to a specific address or city on your “Maps” application. If you need to check your grades or e-mail, the iPhone has you hooked up via Safari. You can listen to music on the iPod feature—and this is all coming from your phone. It even beats the hell out of a PSP with its plethora of free game applications. The coolest part, however, is that your iPhone can range from byte-size to gig-antic with its 8-16Gig options to suit your personal needs. This is definitely the best investment you can make with those surplus dollars from your student loans.

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