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Word breaks silence,
touches the hearts,
joins the minds,
fights the persons,
words are very powerful,
words are the real treasures,
of human beings

You can`t know the meaning of hunger
till you haven`t remained hungry,
you can`t feel the pain,
of stomach and closing eyes,
you can`t understand,
the staggering legs,
without power
you can`t understand this meaning,
remaining in air condition house

It looks,
i have to change my old mask,
the colour of its face has become old,
there are several lines in it,
i used to wear this mask,
to hide my animal feelings and cruelties,
now looks i can be caught,
i fear from the cracks of mask,
there shouldn`t come my animality,
now i am in tension,
now i will come to my reality

Life`s magic,
the more you dip, the more it becomes deep,
you are protector and its selector,
why there is no ray of hope ?
the past which passed,
take the teachings from it,
sorrows and happiness go together,
life is a bed of thorns,
but don`t change your humanity,
don`t loose heart,
work is worship

By the vapour of sensations,
like a heavy cloud,
the rising of the mind,
it looks it will pour,
scorching rains upon the earth,
but everyone is unjknown to this,
it will loose its existence,
in one moment,
in the desert of falsehood

I haven`t taken birth,
just to live,
i have come here,
to change the world,
i want to eradicate the darkness,
i want to create humanity,
i want to stop this race of mammonism,
but how many,
will pay heed to my words,
who will recognise me,
but i am firm,
on my resolve

We laugh,
not on our happiness,
but on other`s disaster,
We weep,
not on other`s grieves,
but on our grieves,
this is self

The sun of the country,
has set,
the black fearful night is descending,
new dawn has hidden ,
in the dark forest,
every person is wounded,
every orchard is burning,
with violence,
the gardener is destroying,
the buds,
there is display of naked swords,
everyone has become mute

In the sea of feelings,
when waves of sensations are created,
tides of passions create tremour,
years begins to hear,
love buds starts to blossom,
precious love start growing,
the swan of love start floating,
both start dancing,
love enters in the lives

Old memories,
griped the breath,
the prison of eyes,
made free the tears,
its time to call the martyr,
the flowers have blossomed,
the tears started flowing,
the tears are writing,
the story of the martyr,

Your laughter,
a blossoming bud,
eyes like peacock,
vivacious, sweet your laughter,
what are the feelings,
on your faces,
your laughter,
like a melodious rain,
creates sensations in the heart,
your laughter
benumbs the eyes
i pray,
you carry on laughing

O! tree,
you are the precious monument,
of this universe,
nature is from you,
from you is human life,
greenery is from you,
ecological balance is from you,
all dreams of men from you,
let`s implant trees

Every moment, every time,
the life flows like a river,
one history creates at every moment,
sometimes happiness,
sometimes sadness,
the person feels everytime,
and sees golden dreams,
try new experiments,
and flows like a river

You thought me a spark,
because! i am a woman,
only carry on lightning,
for everyone
but i am a torch,
which will burn,
the chains of blind traditions,
the wind can extinguish spark,
but not the torch

The spring has come,
now the new music will descend,
on the dry sad sand,
the new buds will laugh now,
in the blue sky of the mind,
the love letter of the spring,
will be written now,
the cukoo will sing a sweet song,
the tide of the youth ,
will become uncontrolled,
the heavy winged thieves,
will steal the honey,
in the mute lyre of the mind,
will create a new song,
of humanity

No one will come,
till when you will call,
you will feel uneasiness,
you will enroll your clothes,
peep through the sky,
you will think,
He will descend,
no one will come,
you have to face yourself

Till this earth and sky will remain,
the lamp of love will spread light,
everyone will look for our friendship,
whether this world will remain our enemy,
everyone finds the ways to die,
we shall tell them the ways to live,
the face of the man will change,
but the mirror will remain the same

Your memory,
comes like a floating cloud,
no one knows,
from where it comes,
and from where it goes
your memory comes,
like a sweet fragrance,
your memory comes,
from distant hills,
like a flowing river
and where it goes

Don`t call me in the dream,
the eyes become clouds,
and these starts pouring pearls,
don`t make me remember those days,
when heaven descends in the lap,
the moon laughed in our life,
the moonlit fragrant nights,
aches us to writhe,
a dream-call,
to move forward

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