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The story, on writing  documents and uploading on acceptable research sites, evolves around the thought , many  students of the subject "The English Language", are deprived of basic idea on "Britain, England and English". On level of an Honours student, they think of reading history of English literature is a fuss. As I am, all times being said, it is very difficult to remember the ages on Literature for them.

So, I better suggest, learn the basic structure of "The House of the Subject". Without, having proper knowledge on how to have an edifice building, how you a student, can proceed more on the subject fore? If I look into the core of the subject, many things I get to feel to be improved since  secondary level. May I can be wrong, but like Mediocre Students, every time I had a question, why base, the English Language Grammar is too insistent for me? The teacher never told me any answer, only endorsed to arrest myself among so many rules and examples. Several years after, on other side I came to know the answer of my question: ‘English Language and Versatile Knowledge' on ‘’Masculine Gender”. This ‘is’ not the only a mysterious knowledge I had acquired at the time, as also along with other knowledge on ‘Growth of English Language’… I had learn-t much later “DERIVATION’ MEANS THE MAKING OF A NEW WORD OUT OF AN OLD ONE. IT IS ONE OF THE RICHEST SOURCES OF FORMING WORDS IN ENGLISH.”

Pronunciation, a perennial problem, and hence myself midst in dilemma. Of a length, " who shall help me” was an uttered question...

The answer became clear to me when I had learn-t on -“Prosody”, several years after my schooling.

During childhood, I learn-t decorum of a paragraph or stress on the language certainly, such that obviously sounds to be at least good. The then-vague conception, became clear: advent when I learn-t on ‘Rhetoric’. ………………. ‘Hence, I do feel that many things are been left to know so...’

A student is not learning, but reading on Literature. As such, respect to the subject is slowly being diminished as I am perceiving in majority. It can be strengthened to think in a way when,  "A language, like a living organism, grows and develops decays and dies away, although this is no animate being. It is, however, the weapon, not martial, but intellectual and cultural of us, a rational animate being. Naturally it has, like a living being, growth and decay. Its advancement and development depend, of course, on a number of factors, external as well as internal.

An individual requires external aids in the form of food, drink, even medicines and the like for his or her health and growth. At the same time, he or she must have the internal power of the appropriate assimilation of external elements. In the same way, a language needs foreign elements, along with its own assimilative resourcefulness, to grow adequately. This is borne out solidly by the linguistic history of the English language that has risen today , from a tiny local dialect to the status of an international language.

Indeed, the English language occupies today a very significant status in the world. It is the chief claimant for the dignified position of the international, foreign language, and this is hardly refutable. In vigour and vastness, in affluence and applicability, the language stands formidable and almost unassailable.   (Edited)”

Let pupils, know what ‘Rhetoric’ is and what ‘Prosody’ is on the base, WITH GRADUALLY ADVENT OF THE AGE. It will, perhaps be helpful...

I cannot judge myself to be made up with a fine texture. I had a lot, and lots of loops... but on, I am a good dreamer. I think courageously, I can dream best for the generation, requesting “Experts, you come forward thou, have a hold on the teaching system. Make a generation to learn more properly with your own soil of liberty.” ..Take your decision(s)...


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