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Ladakh – One of the Heavens on Earth

Jammu and Kashmir has been named as the heaven on earth and is the north most state of India. Ladakh is amongst the most visited places after Srinagar. The place shares its borders with natural and beautiful places like Tibet, Lahaul and Spiti, Valey of Kashmir, Jammu and Baltiyul and the trans–Kunlun territory of Xinjiang. Culture and beauty of remote mountains of Ladakh are one of its own kind. The largest town in Ladakh is Leh which is also known as one of the few remaining abodes of Budhism. The place is full of Tibetan Budhists and is also populated by a few Kashmiri Muslims.

Ladakh is full of mountains and is a high altitude desert. The Himalays deny entry to monsoon clouds to this place. It is the highest plateau of the state of Kashmir and its height is over 3000 meters. The peaks in the region range from 4500 meters to 7000 meters.The Suru and the Zangskar valley is an attraction as they create a trough enclosed by the himalays and the range of Zangskar. Pensi la, at a height of 4400 meters, is the gateway to Zangskar and the highest inhebited region is Rangdum. The only town in this valley is world famous Kargil. The region experiences the most snowfall. Pensi La is only open from June to October.

Another tremendous place to visit is the Siachen Glacier. The glacier is located in the eastern Karakoram range of the Himalay mountains which are very near to the India-Pakistan border. Karakoram range, also known as the Third Pole, separates China from Indian continent. The glacier is second-longest in the world's non-polar areas. It falls from an altitude of 5,753 meters above sea level at its source at Indra Col on the China border down to 3,620 meters at its snout.

Ladakh has recorded over 200 species of beautiful birds. The main attractions are the Redstarts, Robins and Finches and can be seen in summers. Bar-Headed Goose, Black-Necked Crane, Raven, Red-Billed chough, Tibetan Snowcock, Golden Eagle and lemmergeier are a common sight in Ladakh. The endangered Black-Necked Crane is the state bird of Jammu and Kashmir. Yaks are also a center of attraction. Blue sheep, also known as Bharal, Asiatic Ibex, a very elegant mountain goat, and Ladakhi Urial are all unique mountain animals. Chiru or Tibetan Antilope is hunted for its soft, light weighted wool.

Ladakh is also full of beautiful and fascinating flowers like Seabuckthorn, Wild Roses of pink and yellow shades, Caraway and various types of grasses. Beautiful tree of Apricot, Apples, Mulberries, Walnuts, Afghan and Simon Poplar and Oleaster can also be seen all around.

Tourists take a tour on hired jeeps and Motorcycles. Experts say that one needs to be perfect in all aspects if he is planning a motorcycle tour to Ladakh. As many of areas are remote, basic necessities like a motorbike mechanic or a medicine shop would be rare. However the roads are full of adventure and are perfect for a motorbike tour. Sonmarg, Srinagar, Zoji La Pass, Dras, Kargil are quite adventurous places near Ladakh for the bike lovers. Also, don’t forget to keep valid Identification proof with you while touring because this area is considered to be sensitive.

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