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How To Make Money From Freelance Writing Jobs

The growth in the market for quality freelance writing jobs has meant greater opportunities to make an 'at home' income, even for non-writers.

Huh?  Can a 'non-writer' have a writing job?

Absolutely, if you are prepared to check out some of the opportunities available as a result of the explosion in social media and other opportunities to make money writing.

The continued growth in social media in just about every area of commerce has meant great opportunity for people to now develop a growing range of job opportunities.

The freelance writing jobs market continues to expand and more people from every walk of life are enjoying the new opportunities provided by freelance opportunities. The Online Jobs for Writers marketplace has recently developed greater opportunities for those looking for good writing jobs.

There are numberous opportunities to make money writing and some of them provide immediate (literally 'today') to make money from small writing assignments.

What offers is a database of companies that offer writing jobs to writers, which ranges across a wide gamut of writing. But there are a host of other freelance writing sources.

Consider some of the following: provides a host of freelance writing opportunitis around the world., which is a UK freelance writing site focused upon academic and professional writing. provides online freelance writing services that lets writers find opportunities for their work. They receive daily orders for work.

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Why be a freelance writer?

There are many reasons why you should consider being a freelance writer, including the ability to select exactly what you want to do. You have total freedom in where you work, so its ideal for anyone travelling or being more free and easy than an office job would provide.

You can find your own voice and make your articles or writing as humorous, fact-packed or anything else that you like.
You can build your reputation, which in turn provides you with a greater ability to negotiate better rates. You can resell articles and develop multiple income streams from your new writing job.

For instance, although many top-line writers are freelancers, there are many and growing opportunities for writers to write blog posts, reviews, recipes, emails, blog articles and much more.

What a lot of freelance writers who may never have ventured into freelance writing itself yet need to know is that they only need to focus on their area or areas of interest.

We all have key things we love to do or eat, or make. What are they? If you’re new to writing and a little afraid of what to do then simply make a short list of what you actually do know something about.

Are you a good mom or dad with views on parenting? Are you a great cajun chef? Do you know something about power boats? Or power drills?

It really doesn’t matter.

There is so much out there that requires insight, knowledge and some ability to focus upon areas that mean something to you that you only have to concentrate on them and start looking for writing jobs that suit your area of interest.

The massive growth in social media has created some of the best writing jobs in this respect. Social media companies are looking to hire writers to handle some of the massive work required to maintain and enhance their websites. If you contact social media managers who need to manage the content for sites, their tweets or their Facebook posts then you could have a great writing job that suits you ideally.

What sort of money can a freelance writer earn?

The money paid depends entirely upon what and who you’re writing for, however its fair to say that you can earn over $20 an hour quite easily and you could easily double that hourly rate.

If you’re really keen on getting a good writing job at home and want to develop your expertise at freelance writing you need to look about online at some of the best writing jobs available and then prepare yourself.

Practise your writing skills, remembering you don’t have to make submissions to the New Yorker or the Atlantic.

You are likely going to be writing for more casual, social-media type sites or for trade and lifestyle magazines and websites. So enhance your skills and – most importantly – develop your confidence to ‘go for it’ by developing your writing skills and landing a freelance writing job that could be the best job you ever had.

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