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From the feeling like a rock star files. Today, Facebook informed me that a photo had been uploaded of me and its facial recognition software wanted to tag me. Naturally curious, I went to look at the photo. It was a photo of my buddy, Robert McIntyre taken at the WHOlanta. All good. What I couldn't figure out was why FB was trying to tag me. I swear I looked at the photo a couple of minutes before the realization hit me that there's a photo of me, Mike Gordon, and Mike Faber from the ESO Network podcast on the shirt Rob's wearing. What's worse, Mike G. and I had even talked about the shirt the night before on the phone. So, I felt like a clueless idiot and a rockstar all at the same time. Not a bad way to kickstart the day, huh? Or, as Mike likes to say, #prolificproblems :)

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