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The unofficial end of summer often causes me to reflect on the happenings of the previous few months. Honestly, I am anticipating the fall even though I LIVE for the summer months. The fall brings all those beautiful colors and as a photographer, that part is AWESOME!!!

This fall brings a new chapter to my life. The last ten years have taken me with my kids to hundreds of band competitions (yes we are a family of band nerds and VERY proud of it) my youngest son Mike graduated high school in May and has begun his college career (and wow does he love it) leaving mom and dad alone on Friday nights with empty Saturdays.

Suddenly, I realize I can travel to nearby destinations and shoot pictures, and maybe even write about my new found freedom. Now believe me, that is not to lead you to think that I did NOT thoroughly enjoy my kids. They are my complete life. BUT, since they are both out doing their own thing I can't see any good reason not to do mine.

So Labor Day is my opportunity to take a look at what was and create what will be.
I know, most people use New Years Day for this, but maybe this is the end of my fiscal year.

I would encourage everyone who has a change in their season to go out there in the beautiful outdoors, turn your face to the sun, don't worry about the past and anticipate the future!

I will leave you with this - All of our yesterdays are today - tomorrow...
think about that for a while and then smile.

Happy day!!!

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Comment by Leslie on August 30, 2008 at 8:44am
Great post, Pam! Appreciate your outlook on Labor Day as a new beginning. I've always felt this time of year as refreshing and renewing. My oldest son recently married and has moved away. The youngest graduated college but is back home for a while. Although I love having them around, it's also rewarding to see them go out into the world.


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