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Bird Poop...I think it really is good luck.

OK, so after riding to work in the rain, trying to avoid the already mostly massacered snails on the path, I finally got to work. This is when the rain decided to stop. I was covered in spatters of mud and looked worse than a drowned rat. This was how I was to spend 6 hours at my desk. My first three hours dragged out at a snails pace (although it moved faster than the ones I'd been trying to avoid earlier).

On my break, it was still chucking it down with rain, but I was thankful just to be away from phonelines and outside of that building. Talking to friends, and walking back towards the building that has the ability to suck out your soul, I got bombed by seagull poop...Oh yes, it had to be a seagull, and not a pigeon...Seagull's dropping one on you is like nuclear war...and not only did it land on me..but I took a huge spatter of it over my ear. Thinking my day could not get any worse, I went to clean myself up.

Sitting back down at my desk, I felt so dejected. Little did I know, that I had the essence of magical poo on me. All of a sudden, I was zipping through calls, getting through in less than three hours what I was supposed to get through in an entire shift. I was turning round people who started off shouting abuse at me, into them using pleases and thankyous, and generally being lovely people... one man even said that he liked the sound of my voice and thought I was really sassy. On my bike ride home, not only was it not raining, but I avoided popping anymore snails. Which I'm sorry but I thought was a great achievement. Not only that but my mum bless her, had made me a cup of tea and a turkey sandwich. On checking my emails I'd also had some replies from writing jobs, wanting to hear more from me or see samples of my work.

The only thing that I can think of for my happy turn-around was that birdy missile that hit full target earlier. So for all those people who are not at all superstisious, go get dumped on by a bird. It's magical. :D hehe.

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Comment by Patricia on August 17, 2008 at 5:02pm
*Deep chuckles*.....Yes Katrina, I too have felt the warm sting of seagull my mouth! I laughed with my kids who were feeding the flock by tossing up bread bits into the air. It was our last day at the beach, a week's vacation coming to a close. We'd already checked out of the hotel, so there was no rush to rinse my mouth and brush my teeth in my immediate future. A quick saltwater rinse was my only choice. In retrospect, perhaps that final salty gargle may have in fact prevented some other oral malady from occurring.....Now, if that's good luck then I'm right beside ya sister. Hahahaha.....
Comment by Katrina on August 18, 2008 at 1:19am
Hahahaha...that is the first time I've read something by someone and literally laughed out loud! I'm sorry for your unfortunate incident, but did anything happen after that you might have considered good luck? Maybe it's just me that gets the magical doo-doo. Lucky me, hehehe.


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