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Have you ever had a day when no matter how much you try, all the words apparently come out wrong - even if they don't? Yeah, I know everyone has had those kind of days, but today seemed worse than normal.

You know it wasn't even like I said things wrong. I think the whole problem was that the person with whom I was speaking just didn't want to hear anything I said. This guy judged me without even knowing me. That annoys me as much as having people say "girls can't play baseball or march with an all male drum and bugle corps" Why NOT??

The stipulations of society say that certain people can't do certain things - in the case of the guy who judged me - it wasn't because of my gender, or my status in life it was because of who I work for. huh?
How does that work? He had a preconceived notion without understanding the facts.

I suppose I shouldn't rant because no-one really wants to hear about my day - perhaps tomorrows blog will be happier and more friendly - sorry

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Comment by Patricia on August 10, 2008 at 2:10pm
Pam....ya know what they say about when someone 'assumes'....*grin*

Chin up girl. The cream always rises to the top. Remember what I said about the pebble? Be a pebble darlin'...The rest is just what it is. You can't force someone to be kind, but you can make it so their callousness rolls off you because you are confident in who you are as a person and a professional. Consider the source. Often times the most angry and bitter are those who are far more disappointed with themselves than they are you. You're just the proverbial punching bag they take it out on.

Since I've dropped enough cliches for one day, let me say that it's a pleasure to meet a refreshing voice. Thank you for the stop by on my page. I look forward to acquainting ourselves better. Now, smile!!!

Now I'll take my leave....exit stage left...
Comment by Pita on August 12, 2008 at 1:43am
Every one has a bad day once in a while. I guess it's just part of the vital makeup of what we call "life". The sorry thing is that we don't usually feel any more secure or immune for knowing this. And I don't think any bad day is worse or better than any other. It's all in the mind. A bad day is a bad day is a bad day. Period. But it's wonderful therapy always to get it off the chest as Pam has done! That's the surest path to chinning up as Pat recommends. It won't happen otherwise. Ciaou, ladies.
Comment by Katrina on August 13, 2008 at 12:34am
Sorry to hear you were having a sucky day. You're right that everyone has these kinds of day, I myself had one very recently. It doesn't make it any easier knowing this I know, but just think that when you do something really great, that's something that person can't take away from you. It's an untouchable achievement that they can't cheapen. So go and do something amazing and just think "Boo sucks to him" (not very mature but it works).


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