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Copywriting Career Information

On the Sunoasis Career Development page there is a good summation of what the career entails, along with useful links.


COPYWRITERS write the words used in advertisements for newspapers, radio, television, magazines, and other media. Copywriters may also write publicity releases, promotional or informational booklets, sales promotion materials, or they may work on merchandising campaigns. They…


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Recent Joblog Posts from

Sunoasis Joblog

Students shouldn't be discouraged from going into journalism despite all the gloomy news. This article from Online Journalism Review surveys how Journalism schools and departments are accommodating an increasing interest in journalism and writing to the changing realities of the journalism…


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Writing Resources

There's a Writer Resource page on that may be useful to people. These were links accumulated when I did the newsletter. It is rich on writing organizations so if you're looking for something like that take a look!


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Updating Sunoasis Market Database

I'm in the process of updating the writer guideline database at Sunoasis Markets. These are the first batch. Go ahead and check the other links if you want. Some will be broken most will be working. If the page is a #404 go to the home page

and find the writer guidelines. It's sometimes on the masthead or in Contact or About sections.

If there are publications that should be added just let me know.…


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J-school enrollment up/journalism jobs down. Why? has the low-down on why journalism school enrollment is up

while journalism jobs are in the tank.

By 2016, "Expect trade publications, freelance work and digital media to supply the bulk of the jobs."

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A freelance writer not being paid?

It's a rare day when a freelance writer is stiffed for work done (he said with a bit of the dripping sarcasm). It might help freelance writers to know that has been stiffed more than once by advertisers.

This is a story of one freelance writer not being paid. Is that becoming more and more prevalent, as the story hints at?

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Internships and other blog posts from

I see more and more companies turning to internships rather than full-time jobs. I would check any such opportunity carefully and make sure that the internship is directly related to your career pursuits and that you'll do something very useful during your time as an intern.

Are internships the way to go in this job climate?…


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Some Tips about Freelance writer contracts

I'm not a freelance contract expert but I've had questions over the years about them both here and at Sunoasis X. I have worked with a contract and without a contract but that was some years ago and a few things have changed, such as the construction of electronic databases. What a freelance writer should think about are the rights they assume when they write something and the rights they assign to someone else. When a freelance writer understands that freelance writing is a two-way street and… Continue

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The Habit of Art

This was originally published in Sunoasis X in 2006. Hope you enjoy it! David.

The Habit of Art

There are two habits to cultivate as a writer. One is the necessity to get a productive routine down to start and complete projects. The other is described by Flannery O'Connor as "the habit of art."…


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Notes on Being a Professional Writer

I wrote a monthly newsletter for ten years and will publish some of the things I wrote on Sunoasis Writers Network. At the height of the publication there were 5,000 subscribers of all types. I got a lot of questions from young writers or students who wanted to be writers and would try to address these questions in the newsletters. I know there are a lot of professional writers on the Network and if you want to elaborate or make comment on these notes please do. The links do work and I…


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A lively essay on the demands and rewards of the freelance life.

The Digital Journal has a lively essay and responses on the demands and rewards of the freelance life. In a hectic way it describes a lot of the freelance market out there now.

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A Freelance Market for education writers

The American Educator pays at least $300 for articles so if you know that subject you might check out the link:

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A freelance market

This is a tip from a freelance writer. It's a print trade publication that seems to focus on technology.

The editorial contacts are here:

There are a lot of magazine markets listed here:

Sunoasis Markets

Some of the listings haven't been updated for awhile so if you run into a…


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Passive income for the freelance writer?

Should freelancers try to make some passive income? I've always felt that writers are the most resourceful people on the most resourceful medium in history. It takes time and patience and, as the article points out, the Achilles heal of the writing class is a complete aversion to selling and marketing. So the question becomes, "is there enough incentive to get writers…


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It's not the writing, it's the revision

Ben Bova is an experienced professional. When he speaks writers should take note.

He states the obvious and fundamental fact writers must obey. Sit down

and write! Don't think about it. Set a bar for yourself and meet it.

A professional will do this because he or she knows that revision is

the key act. Revision is the thing that divides the amatuer…


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Newspapers are the Canaries-in-the-Mine-Shaft for print publishing

The Recovering Journalist blog itemizes the 900 or so staff cuts among the newspapers in the U.S. That is just in the past week!

He also lists 10 "fixes," most of which are very sensible.



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Please heed the call young journalists!

This is one of the saddest descriptions of the disruption now going on in journalism, especially among newspapers. It throws down the gauntlet among young journalists now in college or just out getting their feet wet. "You must pick up the slack!" This is the most important, crisis-laden period of time for journalism in memory! It is not for the weak. It is a time for deep reflection…


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Vanity Fair's Blogopticon

Vanity Fair has a schematic of the Blogopticon, their version of blogs that have somehow risen to the top. Almost all of them I'm familiar with but I read most in the "Earnest News" area. I'm still waiting for that break-through that proves that the Net transforms opinion and writing. What we are witnessing is akin to the explosion of the suburbs in the 50's and 60's. It's important because it impacts a…


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What are the best "emancipation occuptions" in 2008?

Outside magazines takes a look at some of the best jobs of 2008, including "emancipation occuptions," like an Itinerant Blogger .

There are fun and interesting ideas to look at!

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