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September 2009 Blog Posts (8)

FallingWater House

I've been taking Interior Designing in our University, when one of my professor mention about the house that is well-known of its naturism features. And it was owned by a well-known home designer too.

Did you ever see Frank Lloyd Wright's house Fallingwater? It's one of the most famous Frank Lloyd Wright designed homes. The house, outside of Pittsburgh, is built on top of a waterfall, and in keeping with what was Wright's organic architecture, it was built in congruence… Continue

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“Sanjaya” and “Dhrutrashtra” Reconstructed In The Capsule Poems of R. K. Singh

BY: Dr. G. D. Barche

After going through R.K.Singh’s new collection Sexless Solitude And Other Poems (2009) Gwilym Williams says :

What’s really behind R.K.Singh’s unceasing output of verse? Is a question I have asked myself more than once. Why does he strive so long and hard? Or is it simply anger at the way the world, or India is ?

Now the questions… Continue

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Life is difficult Question

Life is difficult Question

Jitendra Arolia

What is life?

Life is flow of river,

Beginning its birth, sea its death

Falling from high hill, go on the path struggle.

What is life?

Life is Image of melancholy and prosperity,

Melancholy provide hope of success,

Prosperity provides coming melancholy.

What is life?

Life is a struggle,

Success is its aim, efforts is its success.

What is… Continue

Added by Dr Jitendra Arolia on September 21, 2009 at 11:00am — 2 Comments

DOUG JACKSON on the soul

The Soul: is suppressed within Time's consumption of our misguided energy. How do we feed the soul; with mountains and plains, or with drugs and materials? Who is to be the judge of this? An inherent feeling struggles against a revolving door of backed-up emotions & poor judgment. Regret holds no weight with the soul. Either do it, or don't. The soul needs no contemplation, its actions are pure and innocent and profound in man's eye, held awkwardly backwards by elders and the young alike.… Continue

Added by Doug Jackson on September 16, 2009 at 1:16pm — 1 Comment

being a single mom and student

Since February of this year I have been looking for work, trying a career change and all the while keeping my son in the most stable environment possible. I have just started my first semester of Paralegal Studies, an associates program through Broome Community College. I am taking 5 courses while my son is starting the second grade. In one aspect I got real lucky, all of my classes are during the day while my son is in school, so I get to see him on the bus and am home in time to meet his bus;… Continue

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Give Me "The Hole Story" by Ruthie Darling; Best Children's Book of the Year in My Opinion

As parents it's often hard to find a Children's Book which really makes our children think, one which opens their minds and imagination and really gets those neurons firing. There are so many children's books on the market that really are not so great, and some are on the shelves because of the author's stardom or the author's connections into the publishing business. Still, as parents we know the difference, and yes, I think our kids do… Continue

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When Do You Find Time To Write?

I so want to quit my job and write. Ideas keep spilling out of my head and I only wish I had time to capture them. Instead I work all day to pay the mortgage and cover my family with Medical insurance. So how do people do it? I have done some Freelance writing in the past, but that kept me up late at night. If someone has the secret to working all… Continue

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I'm promotiong my book, Lies Cheating And Betrtayal. Now I’m sure a lot of the fellas have been in this situation where your wife or your girl has lied to you, cheated on you and betrayed you. And I’m quite sure there a lot of ladies who can relate as well who also have had their wives or girlfriends lie to them, cheating on them or betray them. Now I like to introduce my book to you with a selection from page 3 of my book.

What would you do when your life, your future, with the… Continue

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