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April 2011 Blog Posts (10)

A BULLET FOR TWO, 1st chapter

     The screaming grew louder and louder as Jeb McCulloch approached the stable.  He expected most of the town to be asleep but something was taking place, something horrible.  The last time he heard someone wailing with that much pain and agony was when he was on the front.  It brought back terrible memories for him, memories of a man yelling and screaming as he begged for someone to shoot him and put him out of his misery.  No one did.  They just laid there all…


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phati'tude Literary Magazine Launches "Real Poetry, Real Talk" at the Bowery Poetry Club, NYC

Real Poetry-Real Talk Logo

phati'tude Literary Magazine announces the launch of “Real Poetry, Real Talk," a hot new reading series to be held at the landmark Bowery Poetry Club in New York City. Set to kick-off on Thursday, May 12, 2011 as a quarterly event, "Real Poetry, Real Talk" was developed by the… Continue

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It is our official Tea time.

All of us moved to canteen

Guys are engaged in different…


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Ladakh - not just another destination

Ladakh is the most beautiful place in India. Leh is the capital of Ladakh. It is near the region of Jammu and Kashmir a state in northern part of India between the two highest mountains the Great Himalaya and the Karakoram. Ladakh is also known as Land of Passes for several years. Ladakh was exposed by Fa-hian, who traveled athwart its unfriendly terrain in 399 A.D., as the land where snow never melts and only corn ripens. It has the largest district of the country of India in terms of… Continue

Added by Sara Hasan on April 27, 2011 at 10:27pm — 1 Comment

EASTER BOOK SALE! 20% off on select books by Bobby Nash (Limited Time)

Easter Sale! Get 20% off on 8 books featuring stories by Bobby Nash (and others) through April 26. You can get all the details at…


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Visit Udaipur- The Lake City of Rajasthan

Set in the mystical land of never ending deserts the city of Udaipur is one of the most beautiful cities in India. Also famous as the "Venice" of east, Udaipur has been the one of the most famous destination for honeymoons. Rajasthan has a royal history which is reflected from every nook and corner of this state. The culture of Rajasthan is very vibrant and colorful. With many lakes in the city Udaipur… Continue

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Is Traditional Networking Dead?

This post advocates the preservation, versus total abandonment, of old-style business networking at least until Xtreme Networking becomes truly widespread and each new person one meets is screened for value in four minutes. (Interestingly, in recent years a Chicago company has been offering such speed dating style networking events for business.)

Lately I’ve attended a lot of local workshops, breakfast, lunch and after-hours meetings in Fort Lauderdale and…


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The Flora And Fauna Comes Close To You With Wildlife Tours In North India

India, with its huge extension and diverse climate, is a splendid concoction of different religions, cultures, festivals, cuisines, ethnic diversity and languages. It is also one of the 17 countries in the world that has 3 mega-biodiversity hot spots, owing to its diverse climatic and topographical variations. It is the part of Indo-Malaya eco-zone and contains an amazing diversity of flora and fauna. India is home to over a thousand species of mammals, 1200 species of birds, 275 species of… Continue

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New Novel, "No Way Home"



I have completed my third novel and published it. I choose to self publish this time because Publish America did not treat me well. There is probably no blame, but I am trying a self published route this time.

The book is called "No Way Home" by Richard Boswell.

It is a story of a man who became an undercover agent with the Organized Crime Strike force. The story tells of secrets of the Cosa Nostra, of murder, theft, drugs and conspiricies. The novel tracks…


Added by Richard Taylor Boswell on April 9, 2011 at 8:14pm — No Comments

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