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Hi Ladies! My name is Amy, I am a freelance writer who has just joined. Don't see much recent activity on the site, are you folks still active?
I was recently laid off from my job as a mental health therapist, so I tried to make lemonade out of my lemons by finally making a serious go at my writing career. Currently writing a column on on abuse and domestic violence (Ends up making you about a quarter an article, so if you are looking for money, Examiner not for you !) Good experience though and it gives me a chance to start building up a published body of work.) Researching other sites and sending out submissions, have one job prospect writing for a teen oriented website that I'm really excited about and I am eagerly awaiting their reply. Also they pay real money, so it will be nice to publish and get paid a respectable amount! Baby steps.
Just wanted to find some like minded individuals for feedback, support and suggestions. Looking forward to  hearing back from anyone who responds. Writing is a lonely profession, I'm learning!  


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Hello Amy
I never write on this site but I have written for some travel sites. Making a living from it? Well some say they do....but not this girl. The benefits for me have been mainly having a window of opportunity to promote my travel trips to Mongolia which my partner and I run each year.
I have begun to veer towards women's sites with my writing, I have met some great women through this... sort of kindred spirits. I also have begun to run All women trips because of these contacts.
I live on a remote property in North Queensland in Australia so my contact to the 'outside world' is often just on the internet....until we go travelling, anyway.
Good luck with your writing. You have enthusiasum and that is everything. I would also say, be patient as the little mouse stockpiling her food for Winter. Benefits, I have found are not instant but all the writing I did earlier in the year which I thought would never get anywhere, (but I continued none the less), I am beginning to see all over the places I would never had imagined. I think that targeting specific sites on specific topics may be more profitable than some of the 'huge' writing sites. Sometimes I just think....there is SOOOO much stuff out there and SOOO many people trying to earn some $$.
So from me, all power to you and the very best with it!
Kind regards



Long time ago you rang is your process transpiring?






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