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How does one go about getting involved in a writer's group, as in "I've written this book and would like to see what someone thinks about it" and "I want to see what other people in my genre are writing"?

Can anyone recommend a good website for that kind of thing?

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Holly Lisle has a good summary of what to look for:

You might check this list out as well:
I've never seen one, but would certainly like to. Basically, right now, all of this seems to be a bit abstract and disorganized. A website like that might help us to all pull together. I'm pretty open to the idea of reading someone's work and giving my feedback. You don't have to show the entire work to get an idea of how well you're doing. I've been seriously considering starting up a website. There was a time when you could do it on ivillage for free, but those days would seem to be over. Since it was your idea, would you like to start such a site yourself and be the webmaster? They aren't hard to do these days, it's pretty point-and-click, but I could work with you if you like.
The thing to do is form a Group called ------------- Critique. Put it in your genre like Science Fiction or Romance and start inviting people.

Go to the main page, scroll down to Groups, click on Create a Group and give it a name. Viola! The start of a writing group. Invite people on this network, invite friends or people you'd think would be interested, make announcements in writing newsletters, etc.

If you start one think through what you want to happen in it. Throw in some parameters to keep it efficient and then go enact the deed.

The tools are right here! This is one reason this Network is so wonderful. It can be used for many purposes. It's up to the imagination of the people in the network.
Hmmmm. A group. I like the way he thinks. Well, it wasn't my idea, so I won't start the group, I'll leave that to the person who's idea it was. But I must say, this one is alot less complicated. Ah, the things that happen when one unclutters the mind!
Alright then! That's a lot asier tha I thought it would be. I'll head over to groups and see what I can come up with. Thanks for your help!
Sounds good Jenifer! If you need any help with it let me know. Have patience because this network has just started. Many more will be joining in the coming weeks. Use any and all resources at your disposal to get members.
I'll keep an eye out for it so that I can join it myself. Thanks for coming up with a brilliant idea!
Thanks! It's up there if you want to post something. =]
Hi Jenifer

What genre would you consider your book to be?

Take a look at

Hello Jason,

I tend to write in the cheesy romance vampire genre, but this one happens to be a fantasy too, so figure D&D vampire with a hint of romance, but nothing Fabio could get into. I actually started the Animal Crackers Writing Group on here, so there are a few of us swapping ideas and feedback. Check it out!

Thanks for the tip, though--that is a good source to have.


you can find the book and writing club, a one of its kind at:

I'm new here but I like the idea of a writer's group for other members to post their comments about other peoples work.  I have built and I am still building a website with that idea in mind.  I'm not a web designer, so it's a little rough around the edges.  Anyway, from what I have seen of this site so far, I see no reason why one could not be developed here.  Anyone who may be interested, my website is  I am hoping to develop it as a one stop resource for people who love the written word and wish to help others with their writing.




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