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Do you have a new eBook? Are you an eBook reformat specialist? This is the place to promote yourself.

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I got a new e-book  entitled Tiny Pegasus of the Flowersat  All are invited to see what books are available for their reading enjoyment. My book is under the fantasy genre and it is in the category of children to young adult. Anytime you'd like to take a vacation through reading reading my book will give you a nice vacation from the world.

I'm not a specialist, but I do have knowledge to share with you of how to get your book cover the way the publishers want it on jpeg form.  I use the library public computer and it's popular and free, yet I've published a book and started my second using the public library computer. Patience and know how is all it takes. Aside of having a burning passion to write an e-book you've got to find a platform to write with that you like. I found that platform at I read every page of the style book all 88 pages of it in the library too and once that you've got it under your belt off you go on your book publishing journey.


One of the very important things to do is to get your book cover the way needs it to be for their premium distribuiton so you can make money. I fortunately have computers that can turn your doc to pdf that's half the battle. It's simple once you get the hang of it. Save as portion of the document to be saved and click options and one is to transform your document into pdf. The document which is different documnet in 2010 word, but it changes to pdf for you. Then find I always ask for free things online and found ( Now the next challenge is to find free stuff to make your book cover. That's not easy considering the different things they demand for your FREE clip art until you find where all they as is to share their site: for free clip art and animation. With all this said and done you're on your way to becoming a rich e-book author. Be sure to get a site for promotions of your sites of writing platforms that you've already wrote in.  Signing up for your free adsense account, (similar to adsense, but different company),,,,, affiliate accounts (all free to join and have)can get you a very nice income (prayer won't hurt too.).


Good luck to all writers from bloggers to copywriting! If you've any questions or concerns you can e-mail me at or come see my work at,,,, and My psudonyms are K. S. Isobe, hawaiihibou, quicpost at or visit my portfolio at:


Thanks in advance for everything,

Krissttina Isobe




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