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In Appreciation of The Mediocre

From day to day
We aimlessly drift
Through lives,
Through loves and
Through days of scheduling too little time
Never taking time for the
Ordinary unappreciated, mediocre moments
Never allowing ourselves
The joy of becoming one with
The world around us
Or to relax among
God’s many gifts
Visualize the freedom of flight the bumblebee enjoys,
As he,
Like an anxious lover, seeks an alluring host flower
To deposit his amorous nectar
We ignore the sensuality of the bees' purely erotic act,
And only see the nuisance in the bee’s bothersome presence
We see only the danger in the sting
Of this tiny cog in nature's dynamic machine
In our arrogance we swat at the zip,
And slap and the hum
Of nature in progress.

Terri Cox

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Very nicely done. This piece builds and moves to its conclusion very smoothly.
Well done!
Wow, this piece is classically mediocre...




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