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The savage within me craves your innocence


The filth i wear...


Only washed clean by that of your breath,


A heart as pure as that which is yours


Is what my body calls out for...


A taste is enough to cause foam from my mouth

watering, it desires more and more...


Candied your lips, sweet as that of pure sugar,


Decadent your are as a rare moursal to obtain you would be uphoria,


Your scent is but an appatizeing prelude to that of your taste....


The savage within me wants, needs,! 

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Replies to This Discussion

savage?filth? Why such words have been selected is not clear to me. Such words which want to reflect a guilty-conscious mind are not suitable, to my consideration, for a song to depict the best of joy in life.

The gender of the person, whether it is a boy or it is a girl, is not clear, as there is no indication to focus on this.

Lastly, how does he or she reacts has not been delineated. He or she must not have been sleeping.

You have underlined the entire poem which is a pain for me. I don't know if it is practice nowadays.

Otherwise, this piece of poem has been nicely crafted and I have liked it.

Thank you, please.
the point of it is not to ficus on a gender and it is suopposed to entice feelings of guilt, and this isnt an attempt to depictt the "joy" in life its written as almost an inner dialog somthing youd think yet never express somthing you feel but at the same time feel bad for feeling.... its all about the pain, angst, and cringing spin shivering feeling that is lust itself....and as far as the under lining goes i like it that way and seeing on how as this is after all MY writing ill underline it as i wish.....

further more thank you for your opinion.




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