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I stopped by here this evening for the first time in several weeks, and realized that I joined this group but haven't even said 'hi' yet.

By way of introduction, I've written both genre work (fantasy, horror) and mainstream stories, and have a lot of works-in-progress (ranging from 'barely an idea,' to 'almost written') that fall mostly in the sci-fi and fantasy realm.

I've had short stories published about a half-dozen times in the last year, mostly in on-line journals such as The Battered Suitcase and Tales from the Moonlit Path, and my first novel, a YA fantasy called Beyond the Wizard's Threshold, is accepted by a small publisher, Lilley Press. No date yet, as I have to make twelve zillion revisions before we get to that point.

As far as my participation in an on-line crit group goes, and what I hope to contribute and receive, I have to say time is a constraint, so I won't likely drop by often. I do, however, hope to be able to make some constructive comments from time to time. I'd also like to post, occasionally, and get feedback but I have a question about that. Which may sound dumb. But you know how the old saying goes: there are no stupid questions except the one I'm about to ask. ;-]

Here's my question: How public is this? Do you have to be a member of the group to read the posts? Can all Sunoasis users read the posts? Can the casual public read them? If this information is already available somewhere, please point me, because I don't know where to look.

Also, I'm assuming we post work for crit in the body of a post (not as attachment)?

Thanks. And while I'm here I'd like to invite anyone who'd like to participate in another kind of writers' discussion to visit my website at


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Hey Loretta,

CR and Jen set up a separate forum for our writings. This is the site come on by when you get the chance

We're all busy right now, but I'm sure we'll be hitting it hard when the school sessions slow down a little.
Ahhh... thank you. That explains a lot. I'll check it out.
Welcome, Loretta!

I feel awful that I haven't checked the site in a while. I had been doing so habitually, but then school got so hectic that I sort of dropped the ball. My apologies.

While we use Sunoasis as our meet-and-greet parlor, Jen and I shifted our manuscripts to a separate forum for two reasons: one, so that we wouldn't clutter us David's site with tons of manuscripts, and two to provide some sense of privacy for our scribblings. Our manuscripts are posted here:

Just register as a member. It's free. We have a general posting board for conversations, but manuscripts are in a private section. Once I see your name in the pending list, I give you clearance and you can post anything and critique anything.

And don't feel bad about not being able to post, say, every week. You tell us how much nagging you want. For example, Jen and I *said* we were going to post three pages a week, and we both sort of underestimated our teaching loads. Kenneth has said he needs a break until the semester's over, and Tracey posts when she can.

Hey Loretta,

I'm really bad! I've been so consumed in the forum that I've truly been neglecting all the old members on Davids site. I will check out your website and send you a post from time to time...good meeting you!




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