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The Stop Allowing Lullabies to be Stolen and See the Secret Impasses for What They Are! Awareness Campaign

Stolen Lullabies and Secret Impasses, reflects on wrongful acts, which play a pivotal role as muse for this collection of poetry. The Extro contained at title close presents Presidential Proclamations, Awareness Campaigns and their materials, and informative literature links concerning:

Child Abuse and Neglect

Sexual Assault

Domestic Violence

As a daughter, sister, wife, mother and individual, I’ve unfortunately been exposed to each of these unnatural predilections of the human condition. Raised in a good home, with loving parents, who had the best of intentions to rear successful children, with no undue burdens in an upper middle class lifestyle . . . malice still found its path and darkened the doorway of my life. The sad truth is, child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence affect all walks of life regardless of station.

Though a stalwart survivor and recoveree, haunting aftereffects persist. No matter the level of discernment or assuagement, certain aspects of life and relationships remain eternally challenged post-violence; relationships are tainted at the very least due to the wrongs of toxic acts. Basic tenets of faith, trust and comfort . . . essential to qualitative interactions among family, friends, associates or lovers are tenuous at best for all survivors of mental and/or physical cruelty.

And, then there’s the little things . . . such as . . .

Never being able to rough house and have my head covered because if my head gets covered, a primal creature materializes - fists engaged in fight or flight fashion. This is not uncommon for recoverees. For most of us, there are idiosyncrasies no one else would comprehend “if” we cared to share them. We have become greatly attuned to diminutive innuendos otherwise overlooked by workmates, associates and acquaintances – we’ve “seen” danger up close and personal. We recognize it.

Violence is prevalent around the planet, so much some people no longer direct their attention toward it. After all, it is unpleasant. There is a tendency to overlook the indications of abuse and neglect, assault and violence. Tendencies of wrongdoers are often demonstrated in an ambiguous manner. We get a sense of danger, we suspect something but often don’t listen to our intuition, which is correct more often than not.

Survivors conceal minefields of personal revelations resulting from the travesties bad experiences leave behind. Unfortunately, apprehensions concerning “impending peril,” having bedded it in the past, are seemingly innocuous to everyone else because the level of awareness for survivors is heightened. Very often, folks involved with former victims, believe they are over-sensitized.

So . . . the replevied learn to hide their Secret Impasses.

Post-assault coping mechanisms tend to strain social and familial engagements. No matter how wonderful or good a human bond . . . past abuse, assault, and violence is never an erstwhile act. Positive out-comes remain arduous at best and due to this reality, a greater mind-fulness is required in the here and now.

The prevention of child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence is where focus should be in 2015 and beyond.

Works in, Stolen Lullabies and Secret Impasses share glimpses of the conceptual impediments trauma leaves in its wake. It is my sincere intent for these works to enlighten, educate, and, of course, entertain. My objective remains to ease others’ suffering through the pretense of indulgence while sharing certain knowledge: “As survivors, we are not alone.”

In the Extro, at the close of this title, as previously stated, are United States Presidential Proclamations, Awareness Campaigns and associated information for reader participation in awareness and prevention. The Stop Allowing Lullabies to be Stolen and See the Secret Impasses for What They Are! Awareness Campaign, is releasing in April 2015 and I am happy to join in radio or other programming to speak out and affirm this and awareness campaigns created by others.

Regarding sales and contributions: each title sold is included in a graduated charitable donation plan. Initially, 10K copies sold delivers 10% royalty donation in equal shares to awareness campaigns. As sales increase, percentages of royalty donations are raised by 5% for every 10K copies sold until 100K copies are delivering 60% of royalties as charitable gifts. Once 100K titles plus are sold, 70% of royalties are to be distributed among awareness campaigns.


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