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Newsweek article about freelance writing.

This article in Newsweek depicts the shifting sands of freelance writing. "As the U.S. economy sputters its way back to health, American freelancers increasingly are finding themselves working for companies overseas in what's becoming a type of reverse outsourcing."

Do you embrace the change or wait it out until something sunnier comes along? The problem, again, is that freelancers have to do the hustle to gain the privilege of being their own boss. They have to embrace the idea of the "client being the boss." The bad economy has driven a lot of unemployed staff writers into the freelance market and it dilutes the value. On the other hand more and more publications are looking to freelance writers to fill the void left by staffers and so there is a premium on excellent content.

But to quote one person in this article, "One just has to roll with the punches a little bit. It's not the same world anymore..." And no one knows how it will shake out exactly.

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I have completed many projects for overseas companies. I do have one Golden Rule, though -- the compensation/fee payments and contract must be guaranteed by a US based company. Many freelancers that I know have agreed to work directly for a company overseas only to find that they don't get paid, and any attempt to get payment is a huge if not impossible task even with a signed contract. I may have to pay a US based middle-man a fee for getting the work, but at least I know that I will get the money.




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