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Introducing "The Adrian Trilogy & Nostalgia Dragster Indiegogo Campaign" - Join in the Adventure of this Future Film Series . . . !

Adrian's Trilogy Dragster

Welcome the "Adrian Trilogy" The HOTTEST New Vampire Series complete with a full marketing campaign. 

  • We are seeking funding to help make our dreams come true.
  • Its time for the World to be introduced to Author Lyn Gibson and her works of horror.

What We Need & What You Get

Breakdown of contributions in detail:

  • We are seeking  funds to assist us in promoting the Adrian Trilogy Series and the Dragster at national events.
  • The success of the Trilogy has been based on a meet & greet experience. We want to bring it to larger venues all over the world. With almost 30k of our own funds in the Dragster it has slowed us down on our event appearances. Crowd funding is a way to bring more people into our dreams.
  • We are offering Perks for Both the Trilogy and the Dragster
  • We will be attending Horror Conventions like "SPOOKY EMPIRE", MAYHEM, Wizard World, Comic Con and many other events to promote the Trilogy and the Dragster As well as Nostalgia Racing Events and different charity Events Including WOUNDED WARRIOR, Children's Miracle Network to name a few.

The Impact

  • For years Lyn Gibson has been unenthused by the watered down versions of the Vampire books and movies of our time. Portraying the Vampire as a sparkling adolescent or goofy bumbling jokesters has inspired Lyn to bring back the Immortal with a blood ridden force.  The Adrian Trilogy Vampires bring back Horror and Terror coupled with a Thirst and Lust for Blood. This is a trilogy that women and men love!
  • Author Lyn Gibson is #2 in sales in her publishing house and climbing.
  • Since the publication of the Adrian Trilogy we have met so many wonderful people, the series has fans worldwide.  Our fans are the best and we consider them all a part of our Adrian Trilogy Family!

Risks & Challenges

People value  transparency.

  • For us it has always been about hard work and family.
  • We focus on our dreams and follow them with all we have. That is a successful life.

Other Ways You Can Help

You may not be able to  contribute, but that doesn't mean they can't help:

  • Ask folks to get the word out , forward our Facebook links, twitter pages, Youtube video's and make some noise about our campaign.
  • Please Share with  Indiegogo share tools!

Our success is based on hard work and YOU.

Visit today and get bit!

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